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Audio Samples

Roma Cafolla

The following samples of Roma Cafolla's works are taken from recordings made by Leslie Craven, clarinet, Katherine Thomas, harp and Roma Cafolla, piano. They were recorded at Shabbey Road Studios in Caerphilly by Al Steele.

Coastal Suite

Onshore BreezesCoastal Suite: Onshore Breezes

Restless SeaCoastal Suite: Restless Sea

Rolling WavesCoastal Suite: Rolling Waves

ShorelineCoastal Suite: Shoreline

BecalmedCoastal Suite: Becalmed


Trios for 3 Bb clarinets and piano

1. The RiverTrio: 1. The River

2. Starry NightTrio: 2. Starry Night

3. Fireside ShadowsTrio: 3. Fireside Shadows

4. Mid-day SunTrio: 4. Mid-day Sun


Playaround Books 1-5

Book 1: Under The BedPlayaround Book 1: Under The Bed

Book 1: Hop, Skip, JumpPlayaround Book 1: Hop, Skip, Jump

Book 1: Hush-a ByePlayaround Book 1: Hush-a Bye

Book 1: Over TherePlayaround Book 1: Over There

Book 1: Top O' The MorningPlayaround Book 1: Top O' The Morning

Book 2: Sail AwayPlayaround Book 2: Sail Away

Book 2: Say GoodnightPlayaround Book 2: Say Goodnight

Book 5: Bossy BootsPlayaround Book 5: Bossy Boots