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Roma with Leslie Craven

Roma with Leslie Craven

An incredibly valuable teaching aid with a host of fantastic features. Every young musician should have access to this c.d.

Leslie Craven's web site

One of the worlds leading clarinettists who has premièred many of Roma's works.
His reviews of these works have been full of enthusiasm

Rob and Lynne of Forton Music

Rob and Lynne of Forton Music

Forton Music
Publishers of most of Roma's woodwind and brass compositions, Forton Music is dedicated to publishing music written and arranged for such instruments.

Forton Music


Lana TrotovšekLana Trotovšek

The winner of international competitions and prizes, Slovenian violinist Lana Trotovšek was a pupil of Rugierro Ricci. In April 2014 she recorded some of Roma's works that were specially re-arranged.

For a very long time she was the violinist of the Greenwich Piano Trio, whose cellist was Stjepan Hauser and pianist Yoko Misumi. From 2011- 213, Lana was also the leading violinist of the Badke Quartet, the winners of Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition.

Boris BizjakBoris Bizjak

Slovenian flautist Boris Bizjak, based in London, graduated in Paris, and is a First Prize winner of the International Flute Competition in Picardie, France. Besides classical repertoire, he loves to perform and record improvisational music like flamenco and blues. He currently performs with Yoko Misumi. In 2012 he established a recording company Hedone Records.

Bassoon with a View

Website of bassoonist Elizabeth Crawford

David Barton

Music teacher, accompanist, and mentor